As a child, day dreaming was my favorite hobby,
My only recourse from this world full of confusion,
In that little world of mine, which I created, I could become anything or anyone without any barriers.

Even while growing older, day dreaming still remains important to me,
As that little world is very different from this real world.
Being lost in those thoughts is an experience which is very liberating as compared to this world where everyone is in chains.

I occassionally loose myself in that world,
A world where neither is there any right or wrong, nor is there any necessity to be so,
A world where there are no good or bad decisions or actions,
A world where the limits are defined by me and me alone,
A world where everything is possible as well as impossible at the same time,
A world where I can become the creator as well as the destructor,
A world where I can be anything, anyone, anywhere,
A world where there is no one to judge me, where I don’t need to be fake or pretentious,
A world where I am truly and completely free, with no chains binding me,
A world which I can truly call my own, a world of my own.

Very different from each other, my world and this world compliment each other,
One is the harsh reality of life, whereas the other exists in the realm of my imagination,
One defines who I am, whereas the other accounts for what I am and my existence,
This world consists of 7 billion such small worlds, which come together and interact with each other to create this vast universe in which we exist,
Where my world gives way to our world.