Beware O heart, before you fall in love.

Forget everything else when you are with her, but when alone do think about you;
Love her with everything you have, but don’t forget to love yourself back;
Loving her should not come at the cost of you O heart;
Beware, because your life is not meant to revolve around her, but you.

You are soft as a pillow, but her impressions will leave a lasting mark;
Choose carefully the marks you want;
Beware, because marks can turn to scars too.

You have broken many a times, going through crying sleepless nights;
You did rebuilt yourself, each time stronger than before;
Beware, because you know not when the limits may be breached, and you might be broken forever.

You love her with all your heart and soul, but does she love you back?
Having loved madly, but never receiving even a drop in return,
O heart, you know that pain, that feeling of helplessness,
Beware because life is too small to make hasty decisions.

You fall in love wanting to be held,
But if they are not the right hands, you will fall flat on the ground, reaching the bottom of nowhere.
Beware O heart, before you fall in love.