Fly baby fly, like a bird in the sky,
All I want is wings, so that I can accompany you to the skies.

Fly as far as you can,
Away from this world,
Not because this world is unfair,
But because it’s not good enough for you,
Not because this world is beast like,
But because you deserve better.

You have tried enough, you have had enough,
You have waited for far too long,
For the love that is never gonna come,
Fly away before this world teaches you how to hate,
Before it makes you one of them.

Fly away, because this world refuses to understand you,
It refuses to feel the turmoil in your heart,
Refuses to accept you the way you are, unique and different;
This world forces you to follow its norms and rules,
Which are alien to you,
Don’t give up baby, never,
You are meant to be the way you are,
So fly away to a world where you can truly be ‘you’,
And be proud about it,
You have dreams which are like fire, protect it,
Fly away now before this world extinguishes the fire or grabs your wings.