Since childhood, I always believed in the concept of magic, love and God.

My belief for these things increased with time,
But gradually I realised that magic was a farce,
I realised that true magic only happens in dreams and thoughts,
But that magic I wanted either couldn’t happen, or the only person capable of doing this for me, was me and me alone,
But the loss of belief in magic strengthened my belief in love and God.

I met a beautiful girl when I was 20, fell in love with her at 21,
The way our story unfolded made me more confident that not only true love existed,
But also that I had found true love,
But the moment you left me, I lost faith in not only you, but also in the concept of love,
My only recourse was God, and I started to believe in him all the more.

There was a feeling of hollowness combined with the belief in God,
Which not only helped me move on from you,
But it also made me more vulnerable,
And at this stage, multiple things going wrong at the same time,
I lost faith in God and the concept of God being present.

With all my core beliefs gone,
I was broken, vulnerable and hollow from the inside,
At this juncture, life made me realize,
A realisation which though present in front of me, I had refused to recognise and accept,
The realisation that the one thing I need to believe in is ME and ME alone,
Coz I was the source of every belief in my life,
Magic I could do, love I could impart and the faith in things and above all, faith in me,
And if i am the source of all my beliefs,
Then the only thing I need to believe in is ME and ME alone.