Oh child, be careful when you have the feeling of lust, anger or love,
Be careful because they you these are horses which cant be tamed,
These feelings possess you and take you to a place you never knew existed.

But do remember that lust loses its effect when you fulfil it,
You may feel satsified either when you get that person you desired,
Or when you feel you have foind someone better,
Lust is a weak feeling, temporary.

Anger, a very strong feeling,
But you gradually loose it and adjust,
You may overcome it after you yell at the person you always hated,
Or after seeking revenge,
Or sometimes when you realize that you never had a reason to be angry.

But beware of love, because it is the strongest, most dangerous feeling you may ever have,
A person always needs more love than they have,
They always desire to have more as well as give more.

Love a person, and you cant forget then for your entire life.
Unlike lust and anger, love etches yoir brain with memories which you cant help remembering again and again.

Love can give you beautiful memories,
But it can also give you scars that you will always carry with you,
Scars which change you in ways you never thought,
Making you someone you never were.