My first relationship was with my mother, who gave birth to me,
And not with my girlfriend.

Oh yes honey, relationships are not to be so narrowly defined

In my relationsjip with my mother,
I felt more comfortable, more lively,
I could be myself, bring out the child inside me,
I can get angry or yell, not talk to her for days,
But never fear, because she will forgive me, take me back,
But I sometimes dont give her that second chance?
I forget that she is another human like myself, allowed to commit mistakes.

Whereas, in my so called first relationship with my girlfriend,
I was comfortable, sexually active,
She was my emotional support, and sometimes my world,
She helped me during toughest times, feeling my pain,
I could laugh, cry, fight, and also complain,
But sometimes I either dont give her the second chance,
Or sometimes i am not given that chance.

Though comfortable with her, I was comfortable in a different way with my mother too,
Both are relationships, but they gave me different feelings,
But when I try to get too many of my feelings served by the same relationship, when I overexpect,
The relationship gradually gets burdened, tending to break,
Exhausted of the overthinking, moving me towards disdain.

I forget that I have other people in my life too,
So why dont I get my other feelings served by these other relationships I have,
Wouldnt that make life what it is, simple and comfortable!