I still remember the first time we met,
And how I thanked that mutual friend for introducing me to you.

I still remember how hard my heart pounded when I messaged you for the first time,
How i used to spend hours thinking of what to tall to you about,
Hours spent thinking about you.

I still remember the first time I proposed,
And very beautifully you refused, making me cry,
Only to say yes a few months later.

The first time i met you again,
Your eyes so beautiful, your smile infectious,
How nervous I was that I found it hard to utter a single word,
But you made me comfortable.

I still remember the first time you held my hand,
And how  I felt a shiver down my spine,
A moment i cherish even 4 years down the lane,
And how can I forget how cutely you used to twitch my hand when you felt like,
Making me feel like the luckiest man alive.

I also remember the first time we fought,
And how heart broken i was to make you cry,
When i criticized myself so much,
Making me call you again and again.

Yes, i still remember everything very clearly,
Because every moment with you was like a memory etched into my heart,
I just wish we had a lifetime for these memories, so that i wouldn’t be writing this poem thinking about how lucky I was back then.