What if I had 2 lives to live, and get the 2nd chance which I always wanted?
Am I not learning from my mistakes, then why not repeat them?
Am I not learning from my experiences, then why not re-live them?
Am I not learning as well as enjoying with my friends, then why not re-make them?
Have I not learnt about love from my first girl friend enough, then why not repeat it?
Don’t my parents love me enough, then why not re-love them?

Thence I realized, what I require is not a second chance, but living the one life I have but to the fullest,
To see how beautiful this life and world really are, as they are,
To enjoy all the moments of joy as well as sorrow,
To repeat the same mistakes over and over again until I learn from them,
To become what I am now, proud of the one chance this beautiful life has given me!