Most memorable times of my life have been unplanned,
Memories created when unexpected things happened,
At the unplanned moments,
Then why do I have to stay so cautious all the time?

What have I gained by over planning,
Investing moment after moment on plans which haven’t worked out.
Why do I always need to have a plan, for even the smallest of things,
When I can enjoy moments rather than planning for them.

Planning is necessary, but not at every stage of life,
Most essential of things, from friendship to love, happened when I wasn’t even planning for them,
Then why can’t I, for once, stop being cautious and start being happy,
Why shouldn’t I let go of the future, and enjoy the spontaneity?

Life isn’t supposed to happen to me while I am busy planning,
Life consists of these moments when I am busy worrying, planning and refining these plans,
So, for once, I should let go of the worries, stop being so serious and cautious,
I should love the one life I have, because it is my first and last chance to have a life worth living.

Spontaneity has its own charm, and I can’t realize it unless I live through it,
And enjoy the real adventure that life is!